As with most change, it must start with you.  It is so empowering to realize and embrace this fact.  The first step is to conceptualize the kind of change you want to see.  Once you have a clear picture of the desired change, think about the experience you have with implementing this kind of change.  Your personal experience will add to your relatability and will give you natural authority on the topic.  If you have a personal story of transformation you are standing on solid ground.

Do you have a community of people in your life right now who share your passion?  It is important to “be” part of a community that you want.  With that social validity you can point others to a living example of the change you want to see.

Don’t be a complainer…  the big watch out involves being part of a solution verses someone who is pointing out what is wrong.  That,  is passive, and very uninspiring.  You have to be willing to act with genuine passion.  If you don’t truly want to see change, people will sense that and see through it, and you will deeply damage your opportunity to make a difference.